Skipstone Ranch

Olive Orchards

Renowned for the extraordinary grapes used to craft its world-class wines, the region's idyllic Mediterranean climate and conditions are also perfect for Skipstone Ranch's treasured Manzanillo olives.

The Skipstone estate olive groves are farmed meticulously and sustainably under the direction of Amigo Bob, who believes that by respecting the inherent balance of nature and allowing the trees to grow without the aid of chemical additives, they will produce olives of exceptional purity and character. The orchards have been replanted with a carefully chosen mixture of seven different clovers to add vital nutrients, protect the orchards from evaporation, and suppress unwanted plant growth. Weeds are further controlled with mulching, and as a last resort, mechanical methods, to avoid the need for chemical herbicides and with the 2009 harvest, our grove has obtained CCOF certified organic status.  The result is olives that are vibrant, nutrient rich, and exceptionally pure, qualities that transfer into each bottle of Skipstone Ranch Melina's Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil.