Skipstone Ranch


  • Fahri & Constance Diner

    Fahri & Constance Diner


    To Constance and Fahri, Skipstone is more than a winegrowing estate - it is a devoted partnership with the earth.

    A native of the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, Fahri speculates that an affinity for the land may be in his blood. Blessed with tranquil olive groves and idyllic, Mediterranean sunshine reminiscent of his birthplace, Skipstone inspires in Fahri an instinctive connection to the property. Fahri’s years as an entrepreneur and venture capitalist have given him a striking ability to envision the potential of a property like Skipstone. He believes passionately in Skipstone’s mission to produce wines that rival the quality and artistry of California’s most highly regarded wine estates.

    A quintessential connoisseur of fine-and-fast things in life, Constance leverages her deep expertise in marketing luxury products to help expand Skipstone’s brand recognition. Instilled with an unconditional commitment to quality through her European roots from Germany, Belgium and Switzerland, she connects naturally and harmoniously with Skipstone. Constance graduated from Centre International de Glion in Montreux, and led marketing, brand building, and event management activities at Cartier, Rolex and Formula 1.

    Constance and Fahri’s extensive travels around the world serve as a source of their inspiration for new and unique ideas. Their global perspective and frontier spirit provide the core foundation for every endeavor of Skipstone.


  • Philippe Melka

    Philippe Melka


    Philippe spent much of his early life in Bordeaux, receiving his geology degree in 1989 from the University of Bordeaux. In his final year of study, he took a wine course out of sheer curiosity, and from that moment on realized his passion—and future—lay with wine.

    In 1991, Philippe earned his master’s degree in agronomy and enology under the direction of Professor Sequin, a renowned terroir specialist. Fascinated by the relationship between soil and wine quality, Philippe’s appreciation of this profound connection continues to this day, and is reflected in his commitment to honor the terroir of Skipstone’s vineyards above all else.

    Following his studies, Philippe set out to hone his craft alongside talented winemakers such as Jean Philippe Masclef and Jean Delmas at Haut Brion, Jean Claude Berrouet and Christian Moueix at Petrus and Dominus, and Roberto Stucchi Prinnetti and Maurizio Castelli at Badia o Coltibuono, before finally settling in Napa Valley in 1994.

    Today, Philippe consults for an elite collection of California wineries and vineyard sites, considering each relationship based on the beauty and promise of the property’s terroir. It was this special potential that originally drew him to Skipstone Ranch. Philippe’s mission at Skipstone Ranch is simple: to express the beauty of the terroir through the artistry and intuition of the winemaker.


  • Brook Drummond

    Brook Drummond

    General Manager

    Brook felt a sense of excitement the first time she saw Skipstone. The estate immediately struck her as a special place, and she knew she had to be part of it.

    Brook grew up overseas as the daughter of a United States Ambassador. She was raised throughout Eastern and Western Europe, and this experience left her with an expanded worldview and a love of fine culture.

    After traveling extensively as a young woman, she settled into life in idyllic Sonoma County. After completing an education in Art History and Humanities, she started a successful career in the arts. At this time she started exploring the fine wines of Sonoma County. The process of winegrowing captivated her, and she felt a draw to pursue a path in wine.

    She broke into the wine industry at Ferrari-Carano Vineyards and Winery where she had the opportunity to learn the business from the ground up.

    All of this has led her to Skipstone. The care that is taken in stewarding the land at the estate appeals deeply to her. She thrives on being involved with a high quality product and feels there is a compelling story here of the people, the place, and the wine. She is very excited to tell that story and share in the dream that is Skipstone.


  • Amy Schaefers

    Amy Schaefers

    Estate Chef / Hospitality Coordinator

    Amy joined the Skipstone team during the harvest of 2010. She began her culinary career after graduating from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park.

    Her years in the industry have included working her way up in restaurant kitchens to managing them, free lance catering, and teaching culinary classes to children as well as adults. Her sweet tooth has led her to a few Pastry Chef positions as well.

    Since 1995 Northern CA has been her home after moving from the East Coast. Amy feels right at home at Skipstone in her multi-faceted job that allows her to showcase not only the Skipstone wines but the Estate’s culinary bounty including Estate grown olive oil, honey and produce. She revels in providing Skipstone’s guests with unique, seasonal food pairings to go along with their memorable experience at the Estate.